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Disable PropType warnings in Jest and React

November 14, 2020 βˆ™ 2 min read

Jest is a testing framework built by Facebook which is especially great for testing your frontend code. This could be code written in React or any of the other supported libraries.

This post shows how to disable proptype warning messages that might be in your test. Why would you want to do this? πŸ€” Different reasons, depending on your use case, the error might be coming from a third party library you are using or you simply want to temporarily disabled the warning.

Below we disable proptype warnings but show all other warnings that occur in our tests:

// home.test.js

import React from "react"
import Home from "./home"

const homepageErrors = console.error.bind(console)
beforeAll(() => {
  console.error = errormessage => {
      if error is a proptype error and includes the following string: `Warning: Failed prop type:`
      suppress the error and don't show it
      if it is not a proptype error, we show it
    const suppressedErrors = errormessage
      .includes("Warning: Failed prop type:")

    !suppressedErrors && homepageErrors(errormessage)
afterAll(() => {
  console.error = homepageErrors

describe("when home page renders", () => {
  it("should display brand logo", () => {
    // test goes here

Hope you found this helpful😊
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