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GraphQL in e-commerce

November 03, 2020 βˆ™ 1 min read

GraphQL is an open-source query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries. In this post, which showcases my talk at the GraphQL Berlin / Munich meetup, we’ll go over the benefits of building scalable applications using GraphQL, the challenges that come with it and how you can better manage these as your application scales to an increasing number of users. We will also cover practical applications of GraphQL in the fast-paced e-commerce world.


0:00 - Intro
0:50 - About me
1:10 - Why GraphQL at commercetools
3:39 - Modern e-commerce shop
9:59 - How does GraphQL make this possible
11:16 - A billion requests
12:53 - Challenges building at scale with GraphQL
14:42 - How we solved them
25:28 - Demo
27:26 - Resources

Hope you enjoyed itπŸ₯³
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