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React useDeferredValue Hook

July 24, 20223 min read

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useDeferredValue can be used to throttle expensive re-renders.

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The useDeferredValue hook allows us to fix the problem of slow re-renders by deferring the computation of a part of the DOM tree. You might be familiar with using debounce in a form to specify actions performed after a set number of milliseconds.

useDeferredValue works similar to debounce with one key difference, which is that the deferred value is only computed by React after more urgent updates are completed. The useDeferredValue hook is convenient when implementing features like typeahead where we only want to make an API request sometime after the user stops typing. This means you don’t have to specify a fixed time like you would with debounce. Specifying an arbitrary time for a debounce operation has been the de facto approach to optimise the performance of forms designed to fetch the results of a query after a user stops typing. useDeferredValue takes this optimisation technique to the next level by removing the arbitrary time and guesswork associated with debounce.

Let’s illustrate the usage of useDeferredValue hook below:

// App.js

import { useState } from "react"
import SearchResult from "./SearchResult"
import "./styles.css"

export default function App() {
  const [query, setQuery] = useState("")

  const handleChange = (event) => setQuery(

  return (
    <div className="App">
      <h3>Search: </h3>
        placeholder="Enter search value..."
      <SearchResult query={query} />{" "}
// SearchResult

import { useDeferredValue, useMemo } from "react"

const SearchResult = ({ query }) => {
  const deferredQuery = useDeferredValue(query) // hook usage

  return useMemo(() => {
    const result = []
    for (let i = 0; i < 10000; i++) {
      result.push(<div key={i}>{deferredQuery}</div>)
    return result
  }, [deferredQuery])

export default SearchResult

Demo with useDeferredValue hook:

NOTE: The demo above contains a loop to mimic a delay in our app.

useDeferredValue hook is really useful for cases where you might be consuming an external library for which you are not able to set the state directly in your code.


  • The useDeferredValue hook should be used for updates that are potentially expensive on your application.
  • If your application is really slow, then it might be better to address the cause instead of using the hook to cover it up.
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